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Wednesday, 30 January 2013

The 31 Day Fat Loss Cure - The Benefit Of Glucose

Glucose in the human body located in several forms. A small amount of glucose contained in the blood - the blood glucose concentration is referred to as when the sugar (glucose) in the blood little talks about hypoglycemia mol / l. If it is on the contrary more than normal - it is hyperglycemia 7 mol / L.

The largest amount of glucose present in the form bound in the form of glycogen stored in liver and muscle cells.

Unfortunately capacity of muscle and liver cells to store glycogen is limited. The average person can store 100-150 g of glucose as glycogen in liver and 300-400 g (depending on the size of the muscle) glucose in the form of muscle glycogen The 31 Day Fat Loss Cure
Trained people, however, manage to muscle cells to store more glycogen. This is caused by regular physical activity when the body tries to accumulate more carbohydrate sources for future needs exertion.

Is there a way to influence a suitable combination of diet and exercise to increase muscle glycogen values ​​at a higher level than normal for a given individual Fat Loss Reviews

It is, for endurance athletes well known procedure saccharine super compensate (SSK). Assuming that within an hour of intense running can burn 250-300 g of glucose, not our own glycogen stores endure too long.

 Each gram of glycogen, which can be increased to the normal state, extends the ability of muscles to work at high intensities. Saccharine super compensate principle lies in the fact that after the initial, highly significant depletion of glycogen reserves through diet poor in carbohydrates and large amounts of training
 Occurs in the second phase Day Fat Loss Program

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